Dark purple, $35

Adopt BEBe Babies and Friends Baby Dolls

Cuddle BeBes are about 12" long and made of soft fabric. The dolls head is jointed with a non-pop safety joint. The legs are sewn on and the arms are securely string jointed. The baby's outfit is not removable. 

Teal owls, $15

Grey ethnic bunny, $30

Soft Heart BeBes

Stripes, caucasian, $45

These little ones are about 6" long. They are perfect for posing with larger dolls or giving to little ones. Each Bundle BeBe has no arms and legs...the blanket is not removable. All Bundle Bebes are made with cotton and flannel fabric.

Cuddle BeBe

These are my BeBe Pets. Each doll is about 12" long and made of soft cotton fabric and fleece. The doll's head is jointed with a non-pop safety joint. The legs and arms are sewn on.  The tummy is wool felt.

On this page you will find my BeBe play dolls available for adoption.  You can purchase them on Etsy by clicking below: 
BeBe Babies USA 

About my play dolls: Each doll is handmade to be as sturdy as possible. Please monitor your child's play and if the toy shows damage do not give it to the child. Doll can be washed on gentle cycle and then air dried.  Dolls with wigs are recommended for ages 3+ because the hair should not be put in the mouth otherwise my dolls are safe for all ages.  

Blankie BeBe

Stripes, ethnic, $45

Brown bear, $30

Bundle BeBe

Each Soft Heart BeBe is around 15 inches (38 cm) long and comes with a onesie, hat, socks and a special diaper with velcro. Soft Heart BeBes with open eyes are painted with fabric paint that can withstand moisture and gentle cleaning. Each little body is filled with soft poly-fil. The arms and head are attached in a rag doll style and are floppy. The legs and body are one piece. 


Donuts, $15

Pink ethnic bunny, $30

Pink with button, ethnic, $15

Ethnic boy, $55

The Blankie BeBe is the newest play doll design by BeBe Babies and Friends. These sweet dolls are safe for all ages. The doll's head is attached by a non-pop safety joint. The hat and hands are securely hands sewn on. Blankie BeBes are about 12 inches (30.48 cm) long.

BeBe Pets

Grey bunny, $30