Model C3


Model D10

Model C10

Model C12

Model D14

Model C15

Model D7

Model C11

Model A1

Model B2

Model A3

Model D3

Welcome to BeBe Blythe Co!

Here you will find my Blythe eye chips and custom ooak Blythe dolls.  

Model B14

I have now completed many custom Blythes, including Piper.  Here are my dolls completed in 2016.

Model B11

Model C13

My chips are made of resin and hand printed and assembled.  They pop easily into the eye socket without the need for any type of glue.  You can purchase directly from this site or on Etsy or Ebay.    All printed chips are $10 a pair and hand painted chips are $12 a pair.  Shipping is free when you buy directly from our website (US domestic shipping only, overseas shipping receives a $2 shipping credit).  If you are an overseas buyer you can complete your purchase and then you will receive a separate invoice from me for the shipping cost.  Or email me your order at and I will send you one invoice with shipping included.  I am unable to automate shipping charges at this time.

Model B5

Model B3

Model B17

Model B13

Purple and Fantasy Eyes

Model C8

Model C7

I have been a fan of Blythe dolls for quite some time.  I even had a Blythe doll many years ago but sold her when I moved to Mexico.  A couple years ago I started making miniature BeBe Babies that were perfect for Blythe toys.  A dear friend gifted me a brand new Blythe doll in order to use as a model for my miniatures.  

As I got deeper and deeper into the world of Blythe I decided to try changing her body to something I could pose more easily in photos.  After that I wanted to try making my own custom doll, so I ordered one, and had so much fun working on her that I wanted to do it again and again.

Well Blythe is not a cheap hobby.  In order to keep making the dolls, I needed to sell them too.  The first girl I made was Piper and she is staying with me because she arrived broken.  My first girl for sale was Harper and she found her home on Ebay.

Piper my first custom Blythe doll by me.

Model A6

Model A9

Blues and Greys

Model D6

Model D12

Model B8

Find BeBe Blythe Co on Facebook here and Etsy here.

Light Brown eyes Model C1


Model A2

While working on my second doll I asked my partner if he could design some eyes for me to use on my dolls.  There were a couple reasons I asked him, but the main reason was because I couldn't find anyone in the USA selling realistic eye chips.  The wait time to receive them was anywhere from 10 days to a month.  The other reason was that he is an amazing artist who especially loves drawing eyes.

Model C16

Model C9

Blue Grey eyes Model B1


Model B9

Model A5

Painted eyes are essentially one of a kind.  We can always paint similar colors but they all tend to come out differently.  

Our best sellers

Model B6

He had so much fun designing them, and I thought they were just amazing, that we decided to offer them to other Blythe customizers, and BeBe Blythe Company was born!  

I know have all of the chip designs available for Pullip and Middie Blythe as well.

The eyes are made of soft resin and pop easily into the eye socket of Blythe with no need for glue.

You can find my eye chips on Etsy and now on Ebay.  Connect with BeBe Blythe Co. on Facebook here.

Model C6

Model C14

Eye Chips:

Model A7

Model B10

Model D8

Hand-Painted Eyes

Poppy's brown eyes

Browns and Ambers

Model C4

Model C5

Model A11

More coming soon...

Green eyes Model A10


Model D11


Model A4

Model C2

Model B12

Model D2

Model B7

Model D5

Model D13