the artist

My name is Casie and I am the artist here at BeBe Babies. When I was a little girl I was not a Barbie girl, I was a baby doll girl. My collection of Cabbage Patch Kids was epic. Nothing gave me more joy then a new CPK. When I started collecting vintage toys in 2001, I was exposed to the world of one of a kind collectible dolls. Immediately I fell in love with realistic dolls, such as reborns. Knowing I couldn't afford a good one, I decided to make my own. After losing interest in those, I started making Raggedy Ann dolls. I again lost interest, and shortly after the first miniature BeBe Baby was born. I was so hooked on the idea of making a doll from my own imagination and patterns. BeBe Babies are the exact dolls I would collect if I wasn't making them. 

​I started creating BeBe miniatures around 2006 and eventually moved on to larger one of a kind dolls, as well as a line of play dolls for children. Every BeBe Baby is made from my imagination. I draw and create my own patterns and they are all assembled by me.

​Why should you buy BeBe Babies?  Here at BeBe Babies I know you are looking for something unique for yourself or your child.  I know quality is also important to you.  BeBe Babies are special because they are made with love and attention.  You could buy mass-produced dolls but the personal feeling you get from BeBe Babies makes all the difference!  Your BeBe Baby will be treasured for a lifetime and many generations. I love my customers, especially the happy children. I see myself in their little faces and I experience the joy I felt as a little girl all over again. Experience the joy for yourself and adopt a BeBe baby today!  Thanks for visiting!