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Here at BeBe Babies you will find one of a kind collectible dolls as well as play dolls for girls and boys.  

Current News:  I am now working on merging my soft sculpture dolls and Blythe dolls under one "company" called BeBe Dolls.  I am now spending equal time on both types of dolls, as well as branching out to even newer dolls, so it makes sense to have a more inclusive name.  Check below for links to all my various sites.

In other BIG news I am now selling my

BeBe Baby patterns!  Check the

pattern section of my shop to see which

ones are currently available

and stay

tuned as I keep releasing new ones.

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-Head over to my Etsy shops to find BeBe Babies for sale as well as Blythe eye chips and custom dolls.  Find BeBe Babies and Friends here and BeBe Blythe Co here.